• Philadelphia Public School District

    Job Description

    Title: High School Principal 




    1. Educator License with an administration endorsement issued by the Mississippi Department of Education
    2. Five years successful teaching experience; experience in secondary education is preferred
    3. Evidence of administrative capabilities including, but not limited to, previous administrative assignments
    4. Such other qualifications as may be set by the Board of Trustees



    Teaching and classified staff, students, buildings and equipment, instructional and disciplinary programs, building and facilities management, fiscal management, and public relations activities at assigned job site






    To provide on-site administration and execution of the district educational programs, policies and regulations; development of school goals and objectives; provide a positive school climate that is conducive to teaching and learning; increase student achievement and staff performance; provide instructional leadership; allocation of financial and human resources within school programs in accordance with budgetary requirements; and facilitate cooperative community relations to ensure the quality of instruction for all students in a safe and healthy environment



    To support the Mission and Beliefs of the District when carrying out duties and responsibilities as assigned



      1. Administer all building affairs
      2. Supervise implementation of the curriculum, goals and objectives of school and district, Board of Education policies, and state and federal regulations
      3. Provide a systematic method of data collection and utilization of data to improve student achievement and reduce discipline breaches
      4. Make formal and informal visits to classroom teachers to determine if daily lesson plans are in use as developed
      5. Monitor classroom teachers to ensure that the local instructional management plan is in use in all classrooms
      6. Utilize assessment data to evaluate performance of teachers
      7. Provide specific training activities to help teachers effectively address student achievement and student discipline weaknesses/problem areas
      8. Show evidence the Learning Forward Professional Development Standards are used in professional development
      9. Supervise implementation and evaluation of school-based programs, including staffing and placement


    Principal: High | 1



    of students into special education programs, and student-teaching programs

    1. Manage services of resource personnel; student services; health, safety, and security responsibilities and operations; the opening and closing of school; and transportation at the school-based level
    2. Implement the student discipline program
    3. Provide a physical environment that is safe, orderly, hazard-free, and conducive to learning
    4. Plan and organize school-sponsored activities, operation and maintenance of physical plant, and scheduling processes
    5. Manage material resources and logistical services for staff development activities, school site PTA meetings, and special occasion events
    6. Interpret district policies and regulations, student rights and responsibilities, school regulations, discipline policies, safety regulations
    7. Supervise and evaluate certified and classified staff; develop educational growth plans for certified and classified staff
    8. Supervise instruction and maintain high visibility in the classrooms at all times
    9. Review, approve, and authorize building usage, building maintenance, and supply inventories
    10. Develop schedules for school-based activities
    11. Supervise fund-raising activities
    12. Establish resolution of problems and conflicts as they arise between teachers, students, and parents
    13. Meet and confer with staff, individual students, teachers, or parents, and other administrators as needed
    14. Advise district of personnel needs
    15. Recommend the employment of personnel to the superintendent
    16. Conduct teacher orientation and staff meetings
    17. Supervise office staff
    18. Supervise handling of money
    19. Serve as a liaison with law enforcement and welfare agencies
    20. Prepare and submit positive publicity of school activities to appropriate agencies
    21. Implement behavior designed to achieve high morale of faculty and staff
    22. Organize and supervise student services: registration, scheduling programming, attendance, grade reports, guidance reports, and local, state, and federal reports
    23. Provide for the health, safety, and welfare of all students and staff at all times
    24. Develop school-based communications
    25. Promote respect for school property, a climate of mutual confidence, student success, and positive school atmosphere conducive to change
    26. Develop and manage the school budget
    27. Supervise the management of student attendance, record keeping, and extracurricular activities
    28. Supervise the management of staff attendance and record keeping
    29. Facilitate volunteer programs and parent-teacher conferences
    30. Manage the safety, security, and operation of the school plant, including environmental and energy concerns
    31. Supervise the development and implementation of an annual master plan for faculty duty assignments
    32. Supervise the coordination of co-curricular activities such as field trips, field days, outdoor labs, awards assemblies, concerts, etc.
    33. Relate to parents and other community members, individual and corporate, in a positive and helpful fashion
    34. Write, speak, and present in a clear, concise, and well-planned manner
    35. Promote parent participation in their child’s educational program through effective and on-going parent outreach
    36. Be available to students and parents for education related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms
    37. Participate in self-initiated and school/district-initiated professional growth in order to maintain licensure and support school improvement efforts
    38. Ensure compliance with Mississippi High School Activity Association guidelines


    Principal: High | 2



    48. Perform other duties as assigned



    235 days annually with salary as approved by the Board of Trustees



    Performance of the High School Principal will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of Board policy.